Skateboarding Lessons In Bukit Jalil Stadium

Missy has always enjoyed skateboarding and if you have been following my blog, I often wrote about her skateboarding in Bukit Jalil.  She has been asking me where she can take skateboard lessons but I have been putting this aside because of time constraints.  Her school hours were long and on weekends she has Bible study classes so I tried to leave her with some free time.  For now, the Bible classes have ended and her school holidays have begun.  My friend’s daughters are taking skateboarding lessons so I got the contact from her.  After a few WhatsApp exchanges with the School of Skateboarding Malaysia, missy finally started her skateboarding lessons at the Bukit Jalil Skatepark @ Bukit Jalil Stadium on Saturday.

She started the class with another girl.  It is the first lesson for both of them.  This is her coach, Ameen giving the 2 girls some briefing.

Ameen, the cool coach who is very patient and professional.  He skateboards effortlessly.

Teaching the girls how to flip the board and stand.

I didn’t know that there are so many things to learn about skateboarding.  Ameen taught them many tricks in just one day.  She learned how to go down the ramp and also make a turning. One cool thing that they learned is how to flip the board up using the foot instead of bending down to pick it up.  Well, that’s the very basic that a skateboarder must know.  I just find that very cool *chuckle*  Lots of patience and practice to be a good skateboarder. Needless to say, missy is so happy that she gets to learn how to skateboard and also made a new friend who stays near us and both of them are the same age.

If you are interested to know more about the skateboarding class in Kuala Lumpur, please leave your comment here and I can send you the contact details or you can visit Coach Ameen’s Instagram page and leave him a message at @easyskateschool. The skateboard coaches from the School of Skateboarding Malaysia are certified under the National Skate Accreditation.

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  1. Kaellie says:

    Hi I’m kaellie here. I want to ask how much for this skateboard training?

    Hello Kaellie. Thank you for visiting my blog. I got the information from the coach. For Private Group (two person) the fee is RM220 for 1 month (4 sessions). For Mix Group Class (up to 5 people), the fee is RM180 for 1 month (4 sessions). For Private Class (one coach, one student), the fee is RM260 for 1 month (4 sessions). You may contact Coach Ameen for more information. Hope this helps.

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