A Fun Night At Euro Fun Park

Euro Park Fun Park came to this side of the city about two weeks ago and as usual, Ashley saw it on social media and wanted to visit the amusement park. She just loves all the heart-popping adrenaline activities.  So she made plans with her friends and went to the amusement fun fair on Friday night. When I saw the game stores, I told hubs that we should go too as I used to frequent fun fairs when I was a kid and these game stalls bring back memories of my childhood. We didn’t go on any rides that night because I am a wuss.

Euro Fun Park was established in the 90’s and is one of the pioneers in the travelling fair industry. There were quite a number of thrilling rides such as the Challenger, Vortex, Sky Rider, Haunted Castle, Roller Coasters, Dodgem Car and more. I told Ashley not to go on the Sky Rider that spins the riders through the air and also the Vortex that takes the riders cartwheeling through the air, spinning around and around in a dizzying adventure. Luckily she’s a good girl and listens to her mama.

We arrived at 6.30pm and the ticket booths only open at 7pm.  There were long queues at the booths and since there were 4 ticket booths, the wait wasn’t that long. The entrance ticket is RM6 per head. That night, there were many students from international schools visiting the fair. It got crowded after 8.30pm. The rides are rather expensive and can cost up to RM24 per head per ride. Ashley had an incredibly fun night with her friends and we left at around 9.30pm.  Below are some of the photos taken at the Euro Fun Park.

Roller Coaster

Euro Wheel

Daytona Kiddy ride

Wave Swinger

The Challenger which was the first ride Ashley and her friends went for.

One of the many game stalls

I realized that I did not take any photos of the thrilling rides but only videos that are difficult to post on my website.  Ashley said the next amusement park that she plans to visit is the new theme park in Genting.

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