Not Ready For It

Last week while I was walking out to the market in my neighbourhood, I spotted some red things bobbling in the air.  They are none other than red lanterns! Yes, the red lanterns are all up on the main roads surrounding the market area.

Red lanterns are being put up every year for Chinese New Year to give it a festive feel. I was quite surprised this time because we haven’t celebrated Christmas yet.

Chinese New Year 2023 falls on the 22nd January and I find this too early. I have not even started doing anything around the house or getting things ready to decorate the house for the festival.

Just to put this here for memories – This Christmas, I got missy to help with the wrapping of gifts. We were invited to a friend’s house for a BBQ on Christmas day and there’s a gift exchange event. So after shopping for all the gift at Mid Valley (My friends and I call it Mad Valley because this mall is totally packed on weekends), missy was delegated to wrap them. I did give some pointers on how to wrap the gifts.

We had a quiet celebration on Christmas Eve. Ordered in Texas chicken which was a good idea as I didn’t have any mood nor energy to prepare anything shopping for 6 hours at Mad Valley that day.  Then we went to the Assumption Church in PJ for midnight mass.

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