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When Ashley was little, I did not really teach her about money or help her to build a responsible understanding of financial literacy. Now that she has become a teenager, she enjoys purchasing things without really budgeting her finances. Even when I advice her on her spending, she is still not careful with her money.

As parents, it is important that we teach our children positive money habits by learning the basic concepts such as budgeting and savings so that they will practice good financial behaviors when they become adults.

These days, there are many ways to teach children about money and the best thing about it is through online games that are fun. Online games are easily available and have become a popular tool to educate children about the important things in life.  These money games for children cover an array of financial topics that is easy to understand. 

Playing online money games has many benefits that can help children learn key life skills and they play an important role in their personal development. The games encourages strategic thinking and creativity. Some of the benefits include:-

  • Boosting early learning skills – problem-solving, negotiating, planning and much more. 
  • Concentration – online games require quick actions, patience and concentration. Playing online games has shown an increase in the concentration skills of players. 
  • Analytical Skills – Usually the games require players to solve problems in order to advance to the next level. This will challenge their analytical and problem-solving skills. 
  • Understanding The Value Of Money – playing money games gives children more awareness of the value of money and understand that different costs are associated with different value items. 
  • Understanding Scenarios – Playing shopping games will help children to learn more about real life situations that involve money. 
  • Math Skills Addition and Subtraction Skills – Children will learn how to work out how much an item cost and how much change is required and this will improve their addition and subtraction skills. 
  • Saving Habits – Researches have shown that children who interact with money often tend to have better saving habits when they get older. 

Money Games.

If you would like to introduce some fun and educational money games for your children to play, you can check out the games at MortgageCalculator. Ashley and I had some fun time playing these games and she finds them very useful.

Grocery Cashier

This is a game that is great for younger children to practice their maths. When she was younger, Ashley wanted to work as a cashier at the supermarket when she’s an adult as she found it fun to ring up the cash register. So when she saw the Grocery Cashier game, she wanted to give it a try as it brought back memories. This game involves ringing up the cash machine by entering the price of each item as it comes down the conveyor belt. Then tap the plus button to add the things up. After entering, click on the total button and then enter the amount that the customer paid and click on the pay button. Then click on the bills and coins to complete the transaction. 

Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine

Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine is an idle clicker game that is based on the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Players will collect the bitcoins by tapping on the screen to mine the Bitcoin. You have to click as fast as you can and once you have collected enough, you can use the Bitcoin earnings to improve electricity cost, mining pools, hardware and hashing algorithms. Every time you upgrade your mining, you can increase the Bitcoin production rate to mine faster. You can also collect random gifts and spin the wheel for a chance to win. This game is a good learning tool to explain how Crytopcurrencies work. 

Farm Town

Another enjoyable game is Farm Town that is similar to one that I have played many years ago. This is also a clicker game that involves farming & food processing simulation game with different stages. Firstly, you need to plant the seeds, harvest the crops and also raise animals when you have enough money to buy them after selling your produce at the town market. You can also use the money to buy more seed, purchased commercial equipment and also research new food production techniques. Every level has a unique goal to accomplish and it ranges from cash earned to create certain food items in the kitchen. Let me warn you first that this game is pretty addictive. 

Do check out these exciting money games online at MortgageCalculator with your children. Money games are one of the best ways to introduce the financial concepts to children. MortgageCalculator has games that are ideal for young kids, preteens and teenagers. Even adults can enjoy them too!

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