Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour Concert Malaysia October 2018

The Heavenly King of Canto Pop is here again for his Classic Tour concert.  He came in January this year and is back on 5th, 6th & 7th October 2018.   I did not get to buy his tickets back then. So today I tried my luck.  The ticketing websites, Star Planet and MyTicket crashed 5 minutes before the tickets began selling online.  I tried and tried to refresh and my friends tried too.  One of my friends tried in Singapore and when she was on the payment page, she got kicked out.

Our hearts sank and we thought we won’t get to see Jacky.  I reloaded the page and saw that I was in the queue but I had to wait 39 minutes. I did not give much thought to it and was giving up hope.  All of a sudden, a miracle happened.  I was in the ticket selection page although it said that I was in the queue and had to wait 39 minutes.

My heart was pounding and as I clicked all the details as I was so scared that I would be kicked out.  There was a timer on that page which shows that you have to finish the transaction within a certain minute.  It was nerve-wracking!  Thank God, I managed to buy 4 tickets (maximum quantity) and they were quick to send me the tickets to be printed out.  My friends are I were ecstatic!  This is my first ever concert! We can’t wait to see Jacky!



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