Playing with her own shadow

For the past few days, Ashley has been rather cranky during her sleep. Each time when she turns, she would make a crying sound, with her eyes closed. This happens for about 5 seconds and she would go right back to sleep. Two nights ago, she was sobbing. I heard some noise and turn to look at her. I saw tears on her eyes which were closed and then she started crying. I quickly carried her and soothed her. Five minutes later, she went back to sleep. Must be having a bad dream.

When I told my mum about these episodes, she said Ashley must be playing with her shadow. Huh?? Actually, she does play with her shadow. Recently she saw her own shadow on the wall and got very excited. Every night when I take her to the bedroom and switch off the lights, she would play for a while with the night light on. Since she found out about her shadow, she would jump around and wave her hands while looking at the wall. She laughs her head off at her own antics.

So, is it true that children have nightmare after playing with their shadows? I really don’t know. My mother believes in a lot of old wives’ tales that she sometimes turn me into a paranoid mother. I hope Ashley will sleep better tonight (fingers crossed).

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