My Sensitive Hand

I have been sanitizing my hands frequently with sanitizers that contain alcohol and this is what happened to my fingers ……

My hands become dry and coarse, and the skin on my fingers cracked.  This usually happens when I use the sanitizers provided by the shops which I frequent.  I believe it is due to the strong alcohol content.  It is painful and uncomfortable.  I have to keep applying hand lotion during the day and at night, I used Rosken which helps the healing process.  I know it is better to wash my hands with soap and water but whenever I am out, it is hard to keep going to the washrooms to wash my hands.

I am trying to find Gloves In A Bottle, a hand lotion which I have used many years ago. It acts like a pair of invisible gloves and keeps the hands moisturized and protected.  I can’t seem to find this lotion at the pharmacies now.

Are your hands sensitive like mine too?

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