The Red Cows

Whenever we go the The Curve, Ashley never fail to visit her friends.  They are the bright red cows from Marché Mövenpick.  When she was younger, she used to be terrified of them and won’t even stand near the cows.  It is a different story now.  She would go near each of them and say Hi 😀  Since there are a few cows, she would call them ……………

Daddy Cow

Mommy Cow

and Baby Cow

Don’t know why she has this expression each time we ask her to smile for the camera *shake head*.  When Marché Mövenpick first opened their restaurant here, I was ecstatic.  The first time I visited Marché was when we were in Toronto.  I just love their food island concept and the variety of delicious food.  However, I find that the restaurant here is just not the same as when they first opened.  They have less variety and the food just doesn’t taste the same anymore.  I don’t know….maybe it’s just me 😀  Does anyone feel this way?

20 thoughts on “The Red Cows

  1. Ash look so model like in those pics. hahaha.. purposely no smiling & no staring to the camera 🙂 so yeng ah! haha!

    i went to Marché in singapura, love it man, it was years ago. hehehe.. never been to the one at Curve but i did say hi to daddy, mummy & baby Cow before though. hahahahahha!

  2. Ah..ya..I was just wondering why she has that the cows are going to be slaughtered!!!!

    I always thot Marche a bit ex la. Mebbe coz I was feeding too many mouths! HA HA HA

  3. Bryan loves those cows too, and insists that he sits on them! You’re right, the food is not very good these days and bl**dy expensive!!!! I still love their outlet in Singapore.

  4. You are absolutely right…Marche standard has really dropped!

    My son…when he sees those red cows, he will want to sit on it or slap it! hahaha…

  5. Tried it only once not too long after it opened. Nothing great about it if you ask me. Singapore also got ar? Maybe can ask my hubby to try since he is going there next week.

  6. hi Barb… this is what I call natural… dont hv to smile one.. when i take pics, i hv to smile otherwise i look like i m going to eat somebody up… so u see, it is not easy to look good even when not smiling… sounds complicated?? hehe..

  7. ashley look so cool! *hehe* in fact, there was a period of time when shan leo doesn’t knows how to smile. each time, we ask him to look at the camera, he will show a blank face. am glad that this phase is over…and we love his camera ready face now *hehe*

  8. I love Marche too, haven’t been there for ages. I miss that place. Ashley looked so cute here. She’s a vain pot too eh? Always wants her hair tied up and I like that flower clip/bangle on her hand 🙂

  9. the first time will always be so nice and when its in msia .. they’ll loose its “taste” cos gotto suit our “culture” here. Just like bubba gump.. it tastes so nice in Bali and when i ate here that day i nearly wanna puke..

  10. yes la…Ash really looked ‘cool’ in most of her photos…maybe that’s her style & u know what…as she grows up, this might be one of her unique trait leh, wink-wink!!
    btw, she also looks as if lots of thinking running in her mind, LOL!!
    we’d been to marche only ONCE & will never be back…. 🙁

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