Strawberry Fields Cafe In PJ

We celebrated Father’s Day with a couple of hubs’ friends last night at a quaint little cafe called Strawberry Fields. It was our first time there.  The cafe is located in PJ State…same row as UOB bank. It is also owned by one of hubs’ friends.   These are what we had last night….


Ashley’s Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawns and Chicken


Hubs ordered the lip-smacking lamb chop.  We ordered a few other dishes to share between the 4 adults.  They are …..


Sang Har Noodles


The buttered chicken.  Simply Delicious!


Chicken Carbonara.  The portion is really big.  One of my favorite dishes.


A  look at the cafe.  I like the menus on the blackboard.

Some of the cakes at the cafe.  They also sell lots of healthy fruit juices.

Little cakes and scones baked by the owner’s (Alvin) mom. Since we are friends, we got to eat them for free 😉

Last but not least, a very satisfying cup of capuccino for me.

It was a lovely dinner with friends.  The guys were so busy chatting about cars, F1 race, the H1N1 flu and many other topics. Ashley was so bored that she kept pestering us to leave 😀 Hubs and I have decided to make Strawberry Fields Cafe our regular hangout because it is a very nice and comfortable cafe.  We really enjoyed the delicious food.  Strawberry Fields Cafe serves western and local food and it’s Halal too.  From the above menu, you can see that the food is very affordable.   Last night, it was packed to the brim with customers.  So, if you happen to be in the area or are looking for a new place to eat, do visit them.

Strawberry Fields Cafe

Lot 14 Jalan Tengah PJ New Town (PJ State), Petaling Jaya
46200 Selangor.  (Same row as UOB Bank)

Cuisine: Western + Local Dishes


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18 Responses to Strawberry Fields Cafe In PJ

  1. claire says:

    wah..very chiang, barb… esp the lamb chop..if my sons see this, their saliva will drip down..hahaa… i love the cakes..scones… the capucinno looks nice but unfortunately i dont know how to enjoy that…

  2. Merryn says:

    i dunno why i cant consume glass noodles. my stomach just cant digest them n i’ll end up bloated! oh ok.. but who cares rite? when u have so many other good food there! the chicken carbonara looks yummy.. yum yum..

  3. mummy gwen says:

    Aiyo..everything look so yummy. Now I’m feeling hungry pulak..hehe

  4. Ann says:

    Oooohhhh….I LOVE this place too! Maybe the dinning al fresco under the trees make it more romantic…and with a name like Strawberry Fields….and the chairs are good enough to lounge!!!

  5. clairity says:

    Looks like our kind of food LOL. I’m impressed that Ashley eats glass noodles *faints*! My kids balk at noodles, hahaha.

    Ashley loves noodles. She rather has them than rice 😀

  6. I squint and saw the prices on the menu. Less than RM10 wor… that’s very reasonable.Must go ! Must go ! I want the buttered chicken !

    yes, yes…under rm10. very reasonable eh?

  7. Oh…and Illy coffee too.. very acceptable standards. MUST GO!

    ahhh…yes you know abt Illy eh? You must be a coffee lover 😉 really good coffee

  8. rachel says:

    salivating at the food. must try out..

  9. Blur Mama says:

    oh..i am salivating…just look at the lamb chop!!! sigh..i can only eat…i also dunno when. But when I do, I call you go together ok..:-D

    very soon you can eat the lamb chops 😉 ok…we go together eh?

  10. Cynthia says:

    mummies here.. can we do an outing to this Strawberry place? hehehehe… looks nice and they served Illy coffee (ok, something next I hunt for except SB) muahahha… *the owner of this cafe will sure thanks Barb for such good pics and intro*

  11. nadia says:

    The glass noodle looks yummy! Must go visit one of these days. 🙂

  12. Annie Q says:

    The buttered chicken looks yummy!!! Next gathering will be at this place? hahahhahha

  13. Yummy yummy! Makes ms feels hungry~~~

  14. Paik Ling says:

    Looks great especially the sang har meen! It’s at the corner right? The other corner is where my favourite teochew duck stall is located. Tried that? It’s super-delicious (and super unhealthy)! 🙂

  15. aiyo, make me drools…. I am homesick now….. 🙁

  16. Irene says:

    ahhh, think i have been here before! 🙂 the food looks really good! 🙂

  17. jacss says:

    sounds & looks good heh…will keep in mind, thks for sharing!!

  18. witter says:

    May i know what is the pricing there?

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