funny things at the mall

This is a backdated post.  During Chinese New Year holidays, we went to The Curve for some retail therapy.   Do you know what caught my eye there?


Have you seen a dressed-up camel before?  I feel so sorry for the poor creature.  Why on earth would they want to put this kind of decor on a camel statue?


Even the poor cow from Marche was not spared.  I wonder what’s next?  Get them to wear hjc helmets?  Perhaps they should just stick to decorating the mall during festive season and leave these animal statues alone 🙂

22 thoughts on “funny things at the mall

  1. Ha hahhhhhhh!!!! Really funny esp the camel !
    Laughing at Chloe’s mummy’s comments too. these poor animals get dressed up according to the seasons. Hillarious.

  2. Poor cow and poor camel (yes, looks like dinosaur to me too), not their year and yet being “kacau!” hahahaha, can’t they just put up a paper dragon instead?

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