Good Oral Hygiene With The Right Toothbrush

Everyone wants a great smile, which is why it is very important to have good oral hygiene.  Practicing good oral hygiene means keeping the teeth and gums clean to prevent cavities and gum disease.  Here are some of the methods for good oral care regime :-

1)  Brushing the teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed.
2)  Practice good technique by holding the toothbrush correctly to clean the teeth and tongue.
3)  Keep the toothbrush clean by washing it thoroughly and air dry it while in upright position.
4)  Replace the toothbrush once every three to four months or when the bristles become frayed.
5)  Floss daily.

Selecting the right and effective toothbrush is very important to keep our teeth healthy and clean.  There are many brands of toothbrushes in the market and one that stands out from the rest is Jordan, the award-winning oral care brand since 1927.  Do you know that Jordan originates from Scandinavia?  Well I did not know until just recently when the good people from Jordan sent me a few ranges of toothbrushes and oral care products to celebrate its 180th Anniversary.

What my family and I love about this high quality range of toothbrushes are their aesthetic designs and the good functionality.


I personally like the Clean Smile range as the design is simple and high quality bristles made from nylon 612 which has extensive wear resistance.   Missy likes the blue small head toothbrush which also feature special thumb grip for comfort and better control during brushing.


Look at their slim spoon shaped handles which are designed for easy reach and maneuverability inside mouth.


This cute little toothbrush is for toddlers up to 2 years old.  As we do not have a little one at home, I gave it to my nephew who is 18 months old.  He enjoys using this colourful toothbrush which has super soft bristles to protect his milk teeth.


Jordan also offers a high quality range of dental floss and flosser.  We have never tried this type of flosser before and are pleasantly surprise how easy it is to clean our teeth using it.

Jordan’s affordable and durable toothbrushes and dental products get a Big Thumbs Up from our family.  We are going to change to using this brand from now onwards.   Why don’t you check out  their high quality range to give your family clean, healthy and beautiful teeth?

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