Her Fun New Interest

Missy has been asking for a pair of rollerblades for a few months now. We did not get her a pair because we were not sure if she really wants to learn or just a phase she was going through.  Since her birthday is approaching, her grandma (por por) asked her what she would like for her birthday and she told her about the rollerblades.  Well, the rest is history 😀

We brought her to the Bukit Kiara park in Taman Tun to let her practice it.  Armed with a helmet, knee guards and gloves, she just rolled away immediately.  We were quite surprised that she could do it pretty well since she has never done it before.  Well, she does have a pair of roller shoes which she wears at the mall sometimes and a skateboard she plays outside the house once in a while.

Here is missy rolling around at the park.  I went for a zumba routine and then a run while she practiced on her roller blades.



According to one website, skating is one activity that can develop balance, coordination, strength, and boost confidence in children of all ages.  It is a  fantastic way for a child to have a fun and healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.  We have told missy to check out some of the Youtube videos to learn how to rollerblade.

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