No Carb Noodles / Zero Carb Noodles / Carb Free Noodles

It has been 8 weeks since I have stopped eating carbs.  This means no bread, noodles, cakes and just about anything with sugar.  The first 2 weeks were pretty hard for me because I love carbs.  As I want to eat healthily, I decided to stay off sugar.  I am not sure how long this will go on but I intend to keep this lifestyle for a while.  Sugar has many harmful effects and causes many health problems.  It is very addictive and that is why many people crave for sugary foods.  I had pretty bad withdrawal symptoms during the first 2 weeks.  I did not step on the scale to see how much I weigh before and after but I know that I have gone down a few dress sizes. Yippee!

It is really difficult to find low-carb or zero-carb food in Malaysia. I was so happy to find this zero-carb noodles at an organic shop in my neighbourhood.   I was told that many people with diabetes consume this type of noodles.  This noodle is known as Shirataki noodles, Konjac noodle, Miracle Noodles or Japanese konnyaku noodle.


It is actually something like Konnyaku jelly and made from konjac yam.  RM5.50 a packet.IMG_20170421_125829Check out the nutrition facts – 0g of carbohydrate.

How To Prepare The Zero Carb Noodle

1)  Drain the noodles and rinse them with water

2)  Boil the noodle in a pot of hot water

3)  I like my noodles without soup.  Hence, I add a bit of soya sauce, sesame oil and pepper into the noodles once I have drained them.


The noodles being cooked in a pot of water


Fried an egg to go with the noodle.  The portion is pretty small.  Just something to satisfy my craving for noodles.   I may buy again when the craving strikes again.  Can be eaten with soup or pasta style.

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  1. oh my I’ve been looking for this for some time and have not been able to find it. where did you get it from? its so difficult to find low carb ingredients.

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