Adopting A Dog Into Our Family

Just a few days before Chinese New Year, hubs informed me that there is a husky up for adoption. Someone posted in a dog’s group that his friend is looking for a family to adopt her husky. My husband who has been wanting a 2nd dog for awhile did not hesitate to contact this guy. He promptly brought the dog over and after checking out that Buffy is ok with the husky, he left the dog at our home for a 2-day trial period.  Once the 2-day trial period was over, Cooper found his forever home in our home.


Cooper was 9 months old when he first came and we have nicknamed him The Destroyer because he has bitten 9 pairs of shoes and slippers, potted plants, bicycle pedal and seat and tip of a shoe rack.   Cooper is very active and he enjoys playing with Buffy who finds him annoying because he is always disturbing her.  Buffy wants a lot of attention too whenever we pat or play with Cooper so we are showering her with more love as we do not want her to feel neglected.

Cooper is rather timid and would jump up whenever we tried to pat it.  We think he may have been smacked or punished a lot when he was with the previous owner.  It could be due to his penchant for bitting things. We are trying to help him overcome his timidness. However, he likes to talk back whenever he is being reprimanded.  Will post a video of this later.

The husky breed is not what I want as a 2nd dog because I don’t think it is suitable for our weather and we keep our dogs outdoor. Cooper sheds a lot too and there are balls of fur everyday.  I heard that the shedding is due to certain time of the year and not because of the heat.  I hope he stops shedding soon.

Interaction with dogs can decrease stress in humans.   Pets are great stress relief.  If you are facing stress and are looking for help, do check out this Betterhelp’s article for further information.

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