Christmas Gift Ideas For Keto Friends & Family

The holiday season is upon us. It’s not too early to start shopping for gifts for your friends and loved ones.  In case you have someone who is following the keto way of eating in your Christmas shopping list (hint hint),  I have some keto gift ideas that may be useful :-

1)  Yummy Keto by Charine 

This online shop has a range of keto food products such as Keto bread mix, keto cake mix, keto sauces and more.   Your keto friends are going to love you because they can now try their hands at baking keto bread and cakes.  You can purchase a few items from Yummy by Charine and make a gift basket this Christmas.


Keto Devil’s Curry Sauce and Keto Caprese Sause


Pork Rinds. Satisfying and crunchy!

2)  Carbless

This is another online store which has a range of delicious ketogenic jams such as almond butter, chocolate hazelnut spread as well as keto food like almond loaf, cookies, buns and more.    They make a great keto gift basket too.



Chocolates are popular gifts and one of my favorite treats is  Lindt Excellence 99% Cacao Dark Chocolate.  It is delicious, smooth and silky.   Lindt chocolates are available at Tesco and Jaya Grocer.



Prep Meal Subscription

Eating out could be hard and disappointing on keto.  Why not get keto meals delivered to the doorstep?  Paleolicious has a 7-Day Prep Keto Meal plan at RM188 (including delivery) that take the work and stress out of the keto way of eating.   This meal plan also makes a great gift for someone who wants to try keto.



3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Ketoers consume a lot of avocados so this 3-in-1 Avo slicer is a perfect stocking stuffer.  It makes it easier to de-pit an avocado.  A great kitchen tool to have.


Hope you got some ideas from this gift guide.  It is time to show your friends or family you support them by giving them a Christmas gift this year that fits their new lifestyle.  Your Christmas present will be the best because they will know you are thinking of them on their keto diet journey.

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