Guang The Movie 2018

This is the movie I have been waiting to watch ever since I found out that it will be on the big screen soon.


This movie is about a young man, Wen Guang who is struggling with autism and his emotional journey in search for a job to help with his family’s finances.  He also has a special gift which will be revealed at the end of the movie.   Guang is based on aspiring and very talented director, Quek Shio Chuan’s real-life experiences with his autistic brother.  I am a big fan of Quek who has produced many interesting advertisements on tv.

I watched the short film in 2011 which starred Quek himself and Kyo Chen as Wen Guang.  I was so moved by this film.   It has won the BMW Shorties grand prize award in 2011.  This time around, Guang the movie took me on a roller coaster of emotions because there were many funny scenes that made me laugh and next second,  I felt my heart tugging and tearing up.

Guang has gone on to win Best New Director (Quek Shio Chuan) and Best New Actor (Kyo Chen) at the 13th Chinese Youth Generation Film Forum in Wuhan, China.   It was also nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival and has also participated in the Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2018.

I must say that the actors and actresses are very talented.  I am so impressed with their performances.  Oh, the main actress (Emily Chan) who plays Guang’s friend looks so much like the Hong Kong actress, Mandy Wong.  I wonder if anyone feels the same?

Please go watch Guang if you have not.  It won’t be airing for long at the cinemas.  I do wish that our cinemas would give more airtime to local films, especially great films such as Guang instead of concentrating on blockbuster movies.  Our local productions need our support.

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