Do You Enjoy Eating Alone?

Do you feel weird eating alone at a restaurant? Society has brainwashed people into thinking that eating alone whether at home or out means that a person is sad and lonely.  There are people who feel uncomfortable sitting all by themselves and having a meal in a restaurant.

Honestly, I do enjoy having a cuppa or eating a meal all by myself.   Once in a while, I like to have my food quietly.   I do not have to make small talks and I enjoy watching people.  I just did that one Sunday morning at a cafe along Jalan Gasing.  I was waiting for hubs and missy for about 1.5 hours so I decided to have my scrambled eggs and mushroom breakfast and a cappuccino.  No, I did not eat the toast *wink*.   It was a nice quiet time for me and I had a nice time.


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