How To Store Handbags

I love bags.  Who doesn’t eh?  I have many bags and I am at my wits end on how to store them.  All my bags are piled on top of one another on a chair.


Such an eyesore right?  Not only that, I have a hard time finding the bag that I want to use.  At times I even forget what handbags I have *roll eyes*

A week before Chinese New Year, I decided to do spring cleaning and went online to look for handbag storage ideas.  I found these bag storage compartments from Shopee and I ordered 2.  They cost about RM15 each and has compartments on both sides.


I can hang 6 big to medium sized bags on one storage.  I hooked it onto my clothes hanger.


Front view of the bag organizer.

They are pretty useful can be hung behind the door too.  At least now, my bags are better organized.  I still need to get a few more of these bag organizers.  You can find them here or here.

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