Things That Make Me Happy

One of the things that make me happy is shopping.  What makes it better is being able to buy something I love at a discount!  Who doesn’t like that eh?  So I was at H&M which is having a big sale right now, and while walking around the store, I saw a pair of earrings that I like.  Actually, I bought the gold ones a few months ago and this time I saw the silver ones on sale.

My gold earrings which were RM24 a pair.

Managed to score it with the pair of silver earrings. See the price with a discount?

I love a good buy!  Shopping makes me very happy. When I am under stress, a little bit of retail therapy helps.   What about you?

Studies have shown that shopping can help lift depression and improve health.  If you or someone you know are feeling down and need someone to talk to, you may find the help you need here –

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