Where To Buy Keto or Low Carb Bread and Dessert In Kuala Lumpur

I have just ordered my first low carb bread pudding and keto almond buns.  So excited to receive them today.  I purchased them from Puan Sharifah through the Low Carb and Keto Malaysia Marketplace.  Puan Sharifah bakes as a hobby and she is also following the keto way of eating.

Low carb bread pudding with dried blueberries.  I haven’t taken a bite yet and the bread pudding is now in my fridge.  It smells so good.

This is a photo of the bread puddings taken from her FB page.  You can opt for dried cranberries or no fruits at all.

My keto almond buns.

I had one for lunch today and slather it with butter.  It was so soft and delicious.

She uses stevia/erythritol in her desserts and 90 to 90% dark chocolates if the recipe calls for it.    So if you want to have some keto bread and desserts, do check out Puan Sharifah’s FB page here – https://www.facebook.com/sharifahfatimah.abubakar or the Low Carb and Keto Malaysia Marketplace.

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