Great Weekend With My Tribe

One of my besties was back in Ipoh last weekend so I went back to Ipoh to meet up with her.  We have not met each other for 3 years and can you imagine the conversations we had?  Eventhough all of us chat on Whatsapp but nothing beats meeting up in person.  4 of us got together on Saturday and we started with our lunch at The Museum.  Then we went to have coffee and cakes at Little Allegra.

There was so much to talk and laugh about, not to mention, photo taking time.  Sigh….the meet up was too short as we were busy with other appointments and cannot chat until nightfall.   Nevertheless, it was a great catch up and we so miss each other.

“There is something about childhood friends that you just can’t replace”.

This quote is so true!  All of us have been friends since primary school.  Life is a long, winding road, and sometimes we lose friends along the way.   However, we have been fortunate enough to stay close through the highs and lows, the distance, and anything life throws at us.  We are each other’s support system, life coaches and complaint-listeners.  So blessed to have my besties!

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