The Power Of Social Media

Yesterday was a harrowing morning for all of us at home.  Hubs went out to the market nearby at around 7.30am and he did not latch the gate properly.  Men!  So I believe it was Cooper, who is always trying to open the gate or the front door so that he can go in or out, opened the gate.  All hell broke loose because once the gate was opened, he and Buffy went out.    The neighbour opposite my house saw everything.  He told hubs who came back 15 mins later that the 2 rascals ran off towards the right side.  Hubs quickly went searching for them but couldn’t find them anywhere.

He came back and asked me to look with him while he drove his car.  Sadly we couldn’t see them.  All of us was so upset.  At around 9am, I sent a message with photos of the rascals to a few dog groups on Facebook – Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue and All Aboard KLO Pet Home Boarding & Services.   My post was quickly shared by many people to help find my furbabies.  I was so touched.  There were so many comments praying that the dogs can be found soon.

While hubs and missy were driving around in search for them, hubs received a call from a man, informing him that he could have found the dogs.  He was with them at the TNB Substation in the next neighbourhood.  Hubs quickly drove over and found the 2 rascals looking tired.

The man is Chris who happened to be at the TNB Substation that morning.  He saw the 2 dogs and gave them some food and water.  He then shared the post on his FB, hoping that he can locate us.  Chris was so kind to stay with them because that area is dangerous to be walking around.   Below is Chris’s post on FB.  Someone saw his post and informed him of my post in one of the groups.

What a great relief!   Thank God for a good samaritan like Chris.   Our dogs were so lucky to be found by Chris who does not live in this area.  So happened that he was undergoing training at the TNB Substation that day.  We are so grateful for his help.   Social media is indeed a very powerful tool because it has the ability to reach a huge number of people.  When used in the right hands, it can be good and bad.

What a sweet reunion and a great ending to our day.  I really cannot imagine what would happen if we cannot find our furbabies.  Thank God they are safe and are home.   Thank you to everyone who had shared and prayed that Buffy and Cooper can be found.  We won’t be able to get them back without all your help.

Losing a pet is devastating.  Some people find that the grief comes in stages, where they experience different feelings such as denial, anger, guilt, depression, and eventually acceptance and resolution.  If you are experiencing grief and it interferes with your ability to function, seek the help of mental health professionals such as BetterHelp.

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