Stranger Things Season 3 Is Over

I can’t believe it that I am hooked on Netflix’s Stranger Things series.  Thanks to missy who has been singing “Neverending Story“, for the past few weeks.  I was surprised why she was singing an 80s song which was from my era.  She told me it’s from the Stranger Things show and that the show is based on the 80s era.  I decided to check it out and the rest is history.  Stranger Things is full of nostalgic memories of my childhood.  I love the 80’s music and the cringeworthy fashion and hairstyle.

I have just finished Season 3 last night and I have to wait for another year for Season 4 to come out.  Yes, I am having withdrawal symptoms and are aimlessly searching to fill that nostalgic 80’s themed hole that is missing in my life right now.

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