Earrings From Korea

South Korea may be famous for its skincare and makeup products, but this country definitely has more to offer than just that.  Korean have a distinctive fashion style that includes a mix of feminine motifs and edgy fashion-forward influences.   As Korean earrings are very popular and trendy, you can imagine my delight when I saw so many Korean earrings everywhere.  I love earrings and I cannot live without them.   I bought a few pairs for friends and for myself.   These are mine.

I really love these 3 pairs of earrings because they are #seoulunique.  Why only 3 pairs? Well, the ones I like are not cheap.  Each one is about 8,000 to 10,000 Korean Won which is approx USD6 to USD10 a pair.   Earrings are one of the must-buy items when you are in Korea. So if you are an earrings addict like me, you are going to love shopping in Seoul.

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