Reduce Food Waste With Green Hero

I just discovered Green Hero when my friend shared a post on her Facebook.  She had bought a bagful of bread at RM1 each through Green Hero.   Good deal right?

A little info about Green Hero (taken from their website –

Green Hero is an online platform for F&B businesses to channel edible food, cut down on wastage and save the environment. Every day, thousands of restaurants, eateries, bakeries, etc. throw away their unsold food after operating hours. This creates tonnes of food surplus, which could have been sold and re-distributed to students who love to save, the lower-income group, orphanages, old folk homes and even charity organizations

Started by a group of youth in Penang,  Green Hero,  sells surplus food including sushi, bread, cakes, pastries, bento boxes and even groceries at discounted prices to a ready pool of consumers. These include college and university students, people struggling on a tight budget and other green activists.  Those who are interested are added into their whatsapp group.  Every day, the green hero / heroine would update the Whatsapp group with surplus food available for that day.  Those who are interested would inform the hero/heroine what they want.  The food will be delivered to the buyer at night and the delivery fee is RM5.

Green Hero is also available in KL now and I just ordered some buns at RM1 each.

These buns are fresh and delicious.  I cannot imagine them being thrown away at the end of the day when the buns are still edible.

I don’t eat them because they are not keto but the rest of my family does.  I also gave them to my colleagues.    So if you would like to enjoy these buns at only RM1 and also help to reduce food wastage, you can check out their FB page here –  There is no minimum quantity to order.

Since 2016, Green Hero has helped more than 70 cafés and restaurants in solving their food surplus problem — equivalent to a whopping 23,000 kilogrammes of excess food.

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