Mammogram Screening Package from KPJ Hospitals

On 31 December 2019, the last day of the decade, I went to have a mammogram.  I have not done this in years so it is way overdue.  A week before that, I called a few hospitals in KL to enquire about their mammogram screening services.  The cheapest was at Taman Desa Hospital (RM160) and a referral letter from a doctor is needed before patients can go for the screening.  I am not sure what type of screening that they are offering though.

Last week, my sister showed me this advertisement from KPJ’s facebook page.

KPJ offers an affordable screening package for those who want to go for a mammogram screening.  I chose the 3D Mammogram without the ultrasound and it is priced at RM99.  If you want to have 3D with ultrasound, the price is RM190.  This is the most affordable package that I found after calling a few hospitals.

I went to the KPJ Damansara Hospital (Damansara Specialist Hospital) in Taman Tun.  The imaging department opens at 8.30am.  After registration, you have to wait for your name to be called starting at 9.00am.  The screening process takes about 15 minutes.  Then there is another 20 to 30 minutes wait for the result.  I was done by 9.30am.

Thank God everything is ok.  The doctor who looked at my scan wrote in the report that there is a sebeceous cyst on the upper left breast.  The cyst is benign.  The nurse who handed me the report told me to come back in 2 year’s time for another screening.   All is well and I just need to monitor it myself.

This package has been extended to the end of February 2020.  So if you want to do a mammogram screening, do check out the nearest KPJ hospital.  You may also contact them at Tel: 03-2681 6222.

An excerpt from KPJ’s Facebook page:

Breast cancer is among the top causes of death for women, globally. Statistics of Cancer Research Malaysia show that out of 20 Malaysian women randomly picked, it is highly likely that one of them will eventually develop breast cancer.

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