Where To Buy Hand Sanitizers In Kuala Lumpur

Many people are on a buying frenzy these days for masks and hand sanitizers in the wake of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak.   Of course, masks are sold out everywhere but if you are lucky, you can still buy some if you happen to go to a pharmacy that has just re-stock its masks.

I managed to buy some masks from a seller in one of the online groups.  As for sanitizers, I also managed to grab right after we came back from Ipoh on Day 4 of the Chinese New Year.  I was at Carings Pharmacy in PJ Old Town and there were many sanitizers left because the situation wasn’t that bad then. I don’t think they have stock now.

Bought the Dettol and Betadine from Carings.  The Marvel one is from Guardian Pharmacy in my neighbourhood.

It is Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer which of course, costs more because of the Marvel holder.

Two days ago I managed to grab 2 Antabax hand sanitizer from BIG Pharmacy.  They only allow 2 bottles per customer.

The health authorities have informed that washing your hands with soap and water is good enough to kill germs and viruses.  Hand sanitizers can be used when soap and water are not available.   Have you bought them too?

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