I Finally Got To Have My Keto Chinese New Year Cookies

I used to look forward to chomping down my favourite beehive cookies, kuih kapit (love letters), pineapple cookies and many more during Chinese New Year.   Ever since I started the keto way of eating, I have not been eating these Chinese New Year staples.

So every year, I would just look at the jars and jars of cookies and trying to remember how they used to taste.   Though I miss them, I would never go back to eating these sugar-laden cookies.

After I have discovered that my favourite patisserie – Su Chan makes keto cakes and keto cookies, I bought a tub to indulge.

Here is my tub of yummy keto coconut cookies from Su Chan.  It is RM18 a tub of about 30 pieces.  So precious that I eat maybe 2 a day.

I can’t wait to try its other keto cookies.  I have eaten the Keto Almond Crackers before and they were so delicious!   If you are craving for some keto cakes or keto cookies, visit them at :

Address : 20, Jalan Perisa 1, Kuala Lumpur, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours : Monday to Sunday (10am to 6pm)
Tel: 603 79819328

Or order online from their website here – https://www.suchan.my/

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