Change Your Look Within Seconds With A Statement Necklace

I love statement necklaces.  If you have been following my blog, I am sure you would have come across my previous posts about my statement necklace collection.  One of the fastest ways to give your outfit an updated look is to put on a statement necklace.   It adds a special touch to the outfit.  I love to wear simple minimalistic outfits especially in black and by adding a statement necklace, it makes the outfit more fun.

I received this lovely Areez necklace from Suri Treasures recently.  This gorgeous piece is 100% handmade from BabyFly batik material.

Sweet  eh?

Pairing the necklace with a plain black or white top brings out its colour.

If you are getting bored with your clothes, don’t ditch them.  Just get a statement necklace and make them look brand new while staying affordable.   Head over to Suri Treasures for more beautiful statement necklaces.

Below is a guideline on how to pair the different types of necklaces with different necklines.

Image result for how to wear statement necklace tips 2020

image via Pinterest.

As you can see from the infographic above, there are no necklaces for turtlenecks or high neckline.  I beg to differ.  You can actually pair a long necklace when you have on a high neckline top.  If you have an asymmetrical or halter top, you can actually leave out the necklace and just wear a pair of statement earrings.

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