Reduce Joint Pain Effectively With Hello Bong

As we age, some joint pain is inevitable. Pain and stiffness on certain joints during or after movement are common.  According to some studies, about 1 in 5 seniors experience chronic pain and the commonly affected areas are the knees and ankles.

My mother-in-law have joint pain on the knee.  Every time when she gets up from the bed or the chair, she feels the pain.  It is even more evident on a rainy day.  The change in weather can affect the joints.  For the past week, it has been raining almost every day.  To my mother-in-law’s surprise, she has not been experiencing any joint pain every since she started taking Hello-Bong from Joymix. So what is Hello-Bong?

Hello-Bong is an orange powder made with a unique combination of Halla-Bong oranges and Curcuminoids from turmeric extract. Halla Bong is a special seedless species of oranges from Jeju Island in Korea.  They contain a high amount of Vitamin C and are very sweet.  It does not contain added-sugar so people who have diabetes can take this powder. Hello Bong is a cool and refreshing orange powder drink which offers the following health benefits:-

Reduces Joints Inflammation

JoyMix Hello-Bong is effective in reducing joint and muscle pain caused by inflammation. Older adults or patients with osteoarthritis who have lost bone cartilage and experience pain due to the grinding of the bones can benefit from this orange powder drink.  It would also offer relief for people who have rheumatoid arthritis or muscle pain caused by excessive physical activity.

Boost Immunity

The high antioxidant content of Hello-Bong can eliminate the free radical from our body.  It also helps to boost our immune system and regulate the inflammation cell so that our body to recover fast from illness.

It also helps to cool down the body.  I can attest to this because my body was feeling warm a few days ago and I know that my body was heaty as I had consumed some curry and did not drink more water.  I had one sachet of Hello-Bong a day and took them for 3 days.  The heatiness went away after that.

Eliminates Bad Breath

JoyMix Hello-Bong also can eliminate bad breath by just consuming a sachet.

Other Health Benefits

  • Reduces hangover
  • Protects the liver
  • Prevent chronic diseases

How To Consume Joymix Hello-Bong? 

JoyMix Hello-Bong come in sachet form and there are 30 sachets in a box.  They are very convenient to carry around and easy to consume.

Tear open the sachet and slowly suck or sip the orange powder.  You can even pour the contents directly into your mouth, allowing it to melt.  I like the cool orange taste of this powder.  After swallowing, drink a few sips of water if required.

This is my mother-in-law taking a sachet of Joymix Hello-Bong.  She is still taking a sachet a day eventhough her joint pain has been reduced.  This is really a wonderful health product to improve joint flexibility without any surgery.  The goal of living with pain is not to cure it, but to manage it.

Who Should Take Joymix Hello-Bong?

  • People with arthritis.
  • Active individuals or sports persons who have muscle pain due to over- exercising or excessive physical activity.
  • Health-conscious individual who wants to boost their immunity.

Do visit JoyMix for more information or to purchase a box of Hello-Bong. We will continue to take Joymix Hello-Bong to boost our immune system and stay healthy, especially during this pandemic.

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