Visitors During Movement Control Order

So I was lying on my bed one afternoon when I spotted some shadows on my window.  When I went over to have a look, I got a shock seeing a monkey walking on the roof.

I quickly took out my phone to snap a pic.  This fella was actually posing for me.

While I was looking at it, I got another shock because a smaller monkey walked past my window again.  This one was holding on to a dishwashing sponge in its hand and dropped it on the roof.   I have been staying in this house for 12 years and this is the first time I saw monkeys on my roof.  Usually, there are many monkeys in the Bukit Jalil Park and the park-goers would sometimes feed them.  Since the MCO started, no one is allowed to go to the park.  The monkeys must have been hungry and came out to look for food.

Can you see the sponge?

These 2 fellas are still hanging around in my neighbourhood.  Just a few days ago, they sat on the cable right in front of my house and drove my 2 dogs crazy.

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