Fried Sweet Potato Balls In Taman OUG

Recently, we discovered a small stall selling fried sweet potato balls beside the main road in Taman OUG.  This stall is manned by 2 young guys wearing black t-shirt.  I forgot the name of this stall eventhough I have bought from them numerous times because missy said they are the best fried sweet potato balls in the world.

Why are they so delicious? I think it has got to do with the way the balls are fried.  The guy kept swirling and pressing the stainless steel strainer while he was frying the balls.

The sweet potato paste getting ready to be fried

The sweet potato balls are being swirled around the huge strainer while another smaller strainer is being used to press them.  It is pretty interesting to watch how they are fried.

One pack has 10 balls for RM5.  These balls have no fillings and are hollow, unlike the traditional ones.

The fried sweet potato balls are a pretty addictive snack.  If you happen to be in this area, do give them a try.


Jalan Hujan Emas 4, Taman OUG, 58200 K L (the stall is in front of Klink Famile OUG)

Time:  Noon till 7pm ( I think this is the time they operate as I haven’t seen them in the morning)

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