Getting Some Sunshine and Workout

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March, we haven’t been able to visit our favourite parks or go for a short hike at Tugu Forest.  I really miss going out for some workout and soak in the sun.  Do you know that sunshine has many health benefits?  Healthy sun exposure as a result of being outdoors can prevent some serious chronic diseases by exposing you to Vitamin D.  Sunshine helps to protects against depression, insomnia, and an overactive immune system.  A high level of vitamin D in the bloodstream can also boost memory and protect against dementia.

Being outdoors is a great way to stay healthy and feel refreshed throughout the day.  It has been raining almost every day last week.  We planned on checking out this lil park near our home first thing on Sunday morning but alas, it started to rain until about 11am.  So when the sun started to peek out, we quickly changed into our exercise gear right after hubs and Ashley were done with their online Sunday mass at 11.30.

This lil park has been around for years but this is the first time we visited it.  The park is located beside the Sri Petaling LRT station.  It can be accessed via the car park area or the entrance which is about 500 m away from the LRT station.  There is a pond here and to reach the top of the little hill, we have to take the stairs or run up using the wheelchair-friendly path.  Though it seems a little quiet here, it is a good place to do some running to pump the heart.  I managed to clocked in about 5000 steps on my Fitbit.  Not too bad eh?

The pond at the park.  Hubs told me that about 17 years ago, he came here to let go of a turtle that we have been keeping as a pet.  It grew pretty big and there wasn’t a space for it.  I wonder if the turtle is still here.

The top of the hill overlooks the Bukit Jalil stadium.

Monkey bar near the pond.  She never misses the chance to go on a monkey bar and could swing from one end to the other effortlessly.

We will definitely visit this park again.  Sunshine is always good for the soul.

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