My Obsession With Denim

I love shopping for denim.  You can never have too many right?  I have been obsessed with denim since I was a teenager in the 80’s.  If I can remember correctly, I had a pair of light wash denim, a pair of denim shorts and a denim dungaree. Wish I have photos of me wearing denim back them.  It would be nice to look back.  Denim is timeless and so versatile. I can live in them every day.  Fast forward today, my collection of denim keeps increasing. I was cleaning my wardrobe last week and discovered that I have these:-

This pile is my ‘going-out’ denim and I have 15 pairs of them. They are my straight-cut, crop, distressed and skinny jeans.

This pile consists of 3 pairs of denim skirts and 7 pairs of denim shorts.

So what do you think? Do I qualify as a denim-addict?  Besides shopping for myself, I also buy many pieces of denim for missy.  One of these days, I will count the number of denim she has and take a photo of her wardrobe too.

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