The Best Cooked Crab Delivery In Singapore

The age of technology advancement provides us with the level of convenience that we can take full advantage of such as online food delivery which has become just another basic human need these days. Let’s say you feel hungry on a lazy Sunday and with just a few taps on your phone, someone will show up on your doorstep with the food you want.

Well, friends in Singapore, are you currently craving for crabs? Do you know that you can have fresh, delicious, succulent crabs cooked and delivered to your home? 8 Crabs, an award-winning crab delivery that sends piping hot Sri Lankan crab dishes delivered to your doorstep within 1 hour.  They are the only seafood import wholesale and largest crab delivery service in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan crabs. This means that their crabs are meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery. To ensure freshness, these crabs are caught, flown, prepared and delivered within 12 hours.

Do scroll down to see what’s the hottest picks on their menu.

Chilli crab stir-fried with an award-winning recipe to achieve a thick, savoury sauce. It has the perfect blend of sweet, salty and spicy and best eaten with steamed or fried mantou.

Black Pepper Crab, a staple of Singapore’s street food stalls and is one of the country’s most iconic dishes.  The crabs are deep-fried first and then smothered in a thick, rich oyster sauce spiced with peppercorns, chillies and ginger.

Salted Egg Crab served in a generous amount of rich salted egg yolk sauce that is infused with chili padi for a slightly spicy kick.

Why Order from 8 Crabs?

Crabs naturally travel about 500m every night and prefer to live alone. However, crab farmers breed many crabs in a confined space in order to be profitable. This causes the crabs to get stressed very easily in captivity as many farms cannot replicate their natural
habitat.  When stressed, crabs produce ammonia, which is a sign of decomposition
of seafood.  Most restaurants purchase farmed crabs because they are cheaper. As a
result, they use highly fragrant gravies to cover up the ammonia smell.

8 Crabs sources their wild catch crabs from Sri Lanka and has a team of experienced crab graders to grade the crabs to ensure that they offer the best quality crabs that are free from ammonia taste to their customers. Sri Lankan wild catch crabs are meatier, bigger and taste better.  Their crabs are air-flown daily, cooked by 5-star chefs daily to guarantee the best flavour and taste, and delivered within 1 hour. They also have a one driver to an order policy across our 12 kitchens island-wide to uphold their promise of One Hour Crab Delivery. Can’t get any fresher than that eh?  Find out more about their process of catching the crabs from the sea until they arrive in the kitchen here.

How To Place Your Order

  1. Go to the website –
  2. Select the dishes of your choice
  3. Choose the size option
  4. Add to cart
  5. Checkout and proceed to fill in your address, delivery option and make payment via credit card or Paypal.

8Crabs also serves a host of other delicious dishes such as Prawn Paste Chicken, Premium Cereal Prawn, Curry Fish Head, Premium Pork Ribs King, vegetables dishes and noodles too.

If you have ever been intimidated shopping for crabs, preparing and cooking them at home then you must order from  There is nothing better than enjoying a luxurious 5 star meal in the comfort of your home.   Why go elsewhere?

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