The Best Way To Reattach The Sole Of The Shoe When It Comes Off

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), EMCO and RMCO period, I couldn’t go hiking or running for almost 5 months.  So when everything started to ease, I went for a hike at the Tugu Forest and this was what happened that day.

The sole of my hiking shoes opened up.  This happened because I haven’t been wearing it for a while.  Shoes need constant wearing in order to prolong their life.  When the sole detaches from the shoe, it renders the pair of shoes immediately unwearable.  My hiking shoe is still in good shape albeit being a bit dirty from the mud.

According the information I found online, it seems that when we wear our shoes, we put pressure on the soles and squeeze out the moisture, which would otherwise insidiously break apart the foam-like structure. So it is possible for a pair of unworn or barely worn shoes to disintegrate.

Thank God someone can help me re-attach the sole of my shoes. He is no other than the cobbler in my neighbourhood.  I quickly sent my shoes to him the next day and what he did was to glue the soles back and then stitch up the sole.  Isn’t that amazing?  Of course, the stitches can be seen if you look closely but I don’t mind at all.

Check out how neatly he sewed them.

It takes a lot of work and strength to put the needle through the thick sole of my hiking shoes.  It cost RM18 (about US4) to save them. Thank you Mr. Cobbler.

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