How I De-Stress Every Day

It is a known fact that women are better at multi-tasking than men. We can juggle a job and run the household.  Agree?  Besides working full-time,  I also have a part-time online job, overlooking my hubs’ business as well as taking care of the household.  There are days that I can feel like my brain is going to explode especially when I have deadlines to meet at the office.

So what can I do to de-stress and keep sane? Every evening, I would try to spend at least an hour watching my favourite K-drama. That is my ‘Me Time’.  In that one hour, no one talks to me at home while I indulge in my fantasy world *chuckle*.

Right now I am watching When Camelia Blooms on Netflix.   I started this drama way back in June and stopped at episode 5.  Over the weekend, I watched episode 6 while having my keto sushi.  Now I am in episode 9 already.  This drama does get better.

I am also watching Line Walker 3, a Hong Kong TVB drama online.  Can you believe that I also multi-task when it comes to watching dramas online?  I don’t know how I can switch from Korea to Hong Kong and back to Korea every day.   My friends think I am kinda crazy.

So how do you de-stress?

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