Why I love Zus Coffee

If you have been following my blog, you’ll know how much I love coffee.  My life depends on coffee literally.  I cannot function without having a cuppa in the morning.   On Monday, I ordered a cup of cappuccino from Zus Coffee as they were having 22% off to celebrate their one year birthday.  I have been ordering from Zus Coffee because their cappuccino is really good. One of the best I have had so far.  I haven’t tried their other flavours though but I heard from my friends that their Black Sugar Latte is very good.

Ok let’s go back to my story.  After adding a cup of cappuccino into my cart, I have wrongly clicked my home address instead of my office.  I only realized the mistake after placing the order.  So I quickly whatsapped Zus Coffee at the Bukit Jalil branch.  Their staff replied and told me that they will inform the Grab rider of my office address and arranged for him to send over.  My office is near my home so that’s ok to do the change.

However, the Grab rider who has my home address in his delivery system did not follow the instruction given by Zus Coffee.  He sent the drink straight to my house.  I was disappointed as it meant that I can only have my cappuccino when I get home from work. I whatsapped Zus Coffee and told the staff what happened.   Guess what?  Zus Coffee from Bukit Jalil branch promptly sent me another cup of cappuccino at no charge!  Talk about great customer service.  Although it was my fault for selecting the wrong address for my order, Zus Coffee went out of its way to help me change the address and then sent me another cup for free.

Happiness in a cup!

Needless to say, I will be ordering more coffee from Zus Coffee.  If you haven’t tried their coffee before, you should order soon.  Download the Zus Coffee app on Apple Store or Play Store and enjoy specialty coffee at an affordable price.

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