Spicy Mi Boba Review

Last Saturday after our walk,  missy went to get a cup of boba tea from Tealive outlet which we passed by on our way home.  She spotted the Mamee Spicy Mi Boba at the outlet and decided to give it a try.  This instant noodle in a mug is a collaboration between Mamee and Tealive and it is basically an instant noodle with pearls. The mug comes with the noodle and 2 packets of condiments which are the seasoning powder and creamer.  It also comes with a pre-packet of boba.

Missy loves trying out weird food combo like dunking fries into jam and some other silly things she does with her food.  “You only live once”, she said and poor hubs parted with RM4.90 for this Spicy Mi Boba.

After adding hot water and the condiments into the cup, she waited for 3 minutes.

The last part is to add in the boba pearls.

This is how the Spicy Mi Boba looks like and missy was giggling the whole time when she was preparing it.  The noodles can be eaten in both ways, either hot or add ice cubes to make it cold.  Once she has mixed everything, missy added the ice cubes.

So what’s the verdict?

This is her face trying not to puke.  She said it’s the worst food that she has ever tried and she kept drinking water to wash it down.  It took her about 30 mins to finish the food.  She said she was going to eat ice-cream after that to “cleanse her soul“.   I guess there won’t be a second buy.

I mean I cannot brain how the spicy instant noodle that is savoury can be mixed with milk tea with pearls. The flavors just don’t jive.  I wonder why brands come out with weird food like this.  I rather just have pearls in my drinks and instant noodles stick to being instant noodles with the usual condiments – Period.

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