Shopping Online At Shein While Staying At Home

Since the Movement Control Order started last year, we have only visited the shopping malls like 3 times. The last time we went to Mid Valley was in early January this year to shop for some Chinese New Year clothes.  In order to curb my shopping addiction and restore my sanity, I have been shopping online.  I discovered Shein while scrolling on FB and decided to download Shein’s app and like they all say, the rest is history.

What I like about Shein’s clothes is that they are very affordable.  The tops that I bought are around USD$7 – USD9 each.  I am also very satisfied with the material.  Shipping is free above $50 if I am not mistaken.  First time buyer gets $5 off too.  Here is what I ordered.

I also bought 2 chain necklaces – 1 in gold and 1 in silver.  All these cost me around USD$28.  Amazingly cheap right?  Delivery is about 2 weeks and I don’t mind as I am not in a hurry to wear these clothes.  Right now, I have added a few more items into my cart.  Will accumulate more and buy again.  Shopping is indeed the best therapy. 

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