Branded Clothes For A Steal

It has been a while since I wrote about the branded clothes that I have been buying at the market in my neighbourhood.  If you have not read my earlier posts, do click here and here.

Just a recap, there is a stall that brings in clothes from factories in Bangladesh. These factories produce clothes for brand names like H&M, Monki, Zara, Mango, Kiabi, American Eagle, Esprit, New Look, Cheap Monday and many other brands from Europe.  All these clothes are brand new and in good condition.  They are probably overruns or past season designs. I have been shopping nonstop for myself and missy.   I would visit this stall a few times a week and there are bound to be new clothes for sale.  My latest buy is these 2 for missy:-

A shirt dress from Monki (RM15)

This is a jumpsuit from American Eagle (RM20)

What a steal right?  Missy wore this jumpsuit recently and it fits her perfectly.  Where else can one buy an American Eagle outfit for RM20?

When we were in H&M recently and missy saw a lovely top for sale at RM70.  She asked me if I can get a similar one from this stall at the market *chuckle*.   She knows that this stall is a gem. I have been buying her H&M hoodies for RM20 from this stall last year.  The same hoodies were selling for RM70-RM100 at H&M.  I love a good bargain!

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