Skateboarding Fun Starts Again At Bukit Jalil Skatepark

The weekend was packed with activities for missy because she is fully vaccinated and can go out to do what she loves. She has been waiting for this day for so long, after having stayed at home since April.  On Thursday which was the Deepavali holiday, she met up with friends at the mall (with me on tow of course).  Then on Friday morning, she went to practice her skateboarding with some new friends.

She got to skate on one of the girl’s Cruiser Yamba skateboards and she enjoyed it very much. It is different from the one she is using for training.  The Yamba skateboard is great for travelling and makes less noise on the concrete/paved roads.

So on Sunday, hubs took her to Decathlon and purchased the Cruiser Yamba 900  (

On Saturday morning, her skateboarding lesson resumed.  She’s happy that she gets to practice with her coach again.  Luckily she still remembers her tricks and didn’t lose her confidence.

A busy weekend for missy and a tiring weekend for her mom!

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