I Got My Booster Jab 4 Months After Taking The Astrazeneca Vaccine

A little over a week ago, I was surprised to see my booster appointment on the MySejahtera app. This is because I was the last one to get my 2nd vaccination amongst my friends and they have not even gotten their booster yet. Also because I just took the 2nd  Astrazeneca vaccine on 13th September 2021 so it is still not even 4 months yet.  The booster shot was at Le Quadi Hotel in Cheras and I have heard horror stories about this PPV.  The queue was long and my friend’s parents got turned away eventhough they have an appointment to get the booster last December. 

I was so not looking forward to it and was going to click cancel hoping that they would give me another date and another location.  Then, my husband also received his appointment on the same day, time and location as me. Since both of us were sent to the same location, we decided to go ahead.  Hubs 2nd vaccination was in July so it has been 6 months already.

Last Friday I suggested that we go early for our 1.30pm booster appointment and left the house at 11.15am.  Alas, we were caught in the horrendous Kesas/MRR2 highway jam that started as soon as we passed Sri Petaling.  Actually, Waze showed us to the MEX highway  route but my smarty pants husband said we shouldn’t follow Waze because sometimes it takes us a few km further eventhough the road is only slightly jam.  So we were sitting in the jam for 1 hour and 15 minutes because of the ongoing highway construction work.  On a regular day, it only takes 10 minutes for us to reach Cheras. 

Anyway, we reached Le Quadri Hotel at 12.30pm and parked beside the road.  The PPV offsite was on Level 11 and we were keeping our fingers crossed that the crowd will be manageable and we do not have to wait for hours. Lo and behold, we were so relieved to see that the whole place was almost empty except for the frontliners and a few people who came before us. It only took us about 15 minutes from the time we filled in the questionnaire, spoke to a medical officer and then took the vaccine.  Super fast!

See all the empty chairs?  This is where we sat to fill in the questionnaire.

The area before we go in to take the booster. So empty!

I have been Pfizer-ed.  This is the details of the vaccine I took.

Side Effects of The Pfizer Booster Shot

So a few hours after the booster shot, my left eye became swollen. I was a bit worried but monitored the situation without taking any antihistamine.  The swelling came down at night.  The next day, I felt tired so luckily it was Saturday so I rested in between doing housework.  Today is Day 4 and I still feel a bit tired.  

As for hubs, the side effects are quite bad.  He said it is worst than the first AZ jab he took.  He has flu symptoms, body ache and felt very hot inside his body.  He only took 2 Actifast (panadol) yesterday morning and at night. Today, he is feeling better but not 100% back to normal yet. 

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