Short Trip Back To Ipoh

Last Saturday, missy and I went to Ipoh for a short trip via the ETS train. We went back because my cousin was back for a holiday with her daughter and it has been 3 years since I last saw them. We took the 8.45am train and arrived at 11.30am.  Pretty long journey because the train stops at every station.

Right after we arrived, we went straight to my aunt’s house to meet everyone.  Chatted till evening and we left to check into MU Hotel.  After an hour-plus of rest, we went out for dinner with my cousins. The sumptuous 10-course dinner at a Chinese restaurant was given by my cousin and the food was super delicious.

The next morning before we checked out, I went to take a walk around Ipoh new town at around 7.30am.  It was nice to walk by myself while missy was still sleeping.  I actually planned to walk to old town from the hotel but it was getting hot.  I stopped by a coffeeshop (Restoran Tet Shin) and saw some fried turnip beancurd (sar kot fu pei) at one of the noodle stalls. I bought 16 pieces back to KL and they are delicious. I am going to buy from this stall the next time I am back.

While walking around the market area, I walked past this building and liked the old grills and windows.  This is the back of a stretch of building along Jalan Sultan Idris Shah.  These buildings have been around since I was a little kid.

After having breakfast at the hotel, we went cafe hopping to Ferment boulangerie in Canning Garden. Then after, it was lunch with my cousins again before we took the 3.30pm train back to KL. It was a short but sweet trip for me because I get to hang out with my cousins and my sister.

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