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No matter how well an outfit look, it is a pair of shoes that add the final touch to it. They are an important wardrobe staple that is needed to look our best. A pair of shoes is a great way to change up an otherwise boring look and add some pizzazz to your day. The shoes we wear can either break or make our outfit. When you have on a nice outfit but step out in a pair of scruffy and dirty shoes, it will ruin the entire ensemble.

Therefore it is important to keep the shoes clean to give off a good impression. We can clean off any dirt with piece of cloth and water but for more stubborn stains, you will need a professional shoe wash service.

While I was cleaning out my shoe closet a few weeks ago, I discovered that my favourite pair of canvas Tommy Hilfiger white platform sneakers have turned yellow! Due to the pandemic, I haven’t been wearing them out and also I have not been taking good care of my shoe. I was quite upset with it and tried to ‘whiten’ the shoes with the shoe white.  You know, the kind of shoe white we put on our school shoes to make it look white and clean? So after I have put the shoe white on my shoes, it couldn’t really whiten the yellow parts and needless to say, I think I spoiled it.

This is my white canvas shoe after I have put the shoe white. As you can see, it is still yellow.

A close up of my canvas shoe

Another close up. See how yellow it has become?

I have another pair of Timberland shoes that was also left sitting in the cupboard for a few years.  As such there were spots on the leather as you can see in the photo below.

I did not want to throw away my canvas shoe and was looking for ways to bring them back to life. Luckily I discovered Wash Lab, a professional shoe cleaning service in KL & Petaling Jaya that can give new life to my poor neglected shoes.  I am so happy that I can send them to Wash Lab for some cleaning and they look like new after being cleaned by this shoe wash service KL.  Check out the ‘After’ photos below.

What a big difference. My favourite white canvas shoe is so much cleaner and brighter now.

The spots on my Timberland are gone and it looks like new. Wash Lab even cleaned the soles and they are spotless now.  I am so pleased with their service!

Wash Lab offers two types of cleaning methods and they are :-

Classic Cleaning is where they only clean the exterior or the shoes. This cleaning process covers almost all the important parts of the shoe from the shoelace, outsole, midsole, collar and tongue. The price is RM50 for 2 pairs.

Deep Cleaning is where they clean the exterior and insides of the shoes. The price is RM50 a pair.

What a good deal right? Wash Lab also offer advice to the customers on what kind of cleaning is suitable for their shoes because some shoes require a more detailed and thorough cleaning process.

Why Should You Choose Wash Lab?

  • This shoe cleaning service KL offers attentive service and each pair of shoes is treated and handled with care from the moment it is being dropped off at their shop.
  • Wash Lab only uses 100% hand wash process to wash and clean the shoes. You don’t have to worry about your shoes being tumbled and spin inside a washing machine.
  • Too busy to drop off the shoes? Well don’t worry because Wash Lab also offers pick up and delivery service for customers in the Klang Valley for a fee of RM35 per pair with a minimum of 2 pairs that includes cleaning. So this means that you can arrange to have 2 pairs of shoes to be picked up, cleaned and delivered to your doorstep for RM70. How affordable is that? You can sit back and relax while your shoes are being given some cleaning and scrubbing by this shoe cleaning kl service.

Other Services Offered By Wash Lab

Besides giving the shoes a good cleaning, Wash Lab also offer other shoe care services such as restoration and repainting or touch up. They also handle leather shoes by buffing and polishing them to make them look as good as new. Or if the mid soles of your sneakers have turned yellow, just send them to Wash Lab and they will fix them.

So if you want to show your shoes some love and pampering, give them a spa treatment at Wash Lab. This professional shoe wash kl has a wide experience in shoe cleaning, and provide the best shoe cleaning service to their customers. Give them a call today!

Address :-
32a, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla R 31/R, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor

Phone :-
017-985 5022

Facebook :-

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