Should You Buy An Airconditioner Online?

Some time last year, the airconditioner in our bedroom was blowing out hot air and not working at optimal level. We thought that filters were dirty and removed the front grill and took out the filters to wash. However that did not solve the problem. We had no choice but to get a new air conditioning unit and we thought that the fastest way was to buy it online.

After doing some research, we chose an airconditioning unit from one of the online shopping platform and placed the order. The aircond was delivered within three days. Thereafter, we managed to get the contact an aircond technician from a friend to install the new aircond for us as our regular technician is no longer available.

We were shocked to learn that there is a charge for dismantling our old aircond unit and we have no choice but to fork out an additional RM80 for dismantling besides being charge a few hundreds for installation. The other problems were the aircond that we purchased is of a different size from the old one and the technician needed to add more brackets to hold the aircond unit. Then there were additional charges incurred such as changing the copper pipes and piping. We thought that buying an aircond unit online is convenient and cost saving but there were other hidden cost that adds up to be even more expensive.

So we learned a lesson from this experience. It is best to purchase an airconditioning unit from a reputable and reliable service center like They have an experienced service team with extensive knowledge and professionally trained to give the right advice on what is the best air conditioner unit for your home and offer the best and safest installation.

Airconmalaysia can inspect your home for the best solution taking into account the size of your home and the number of occupants. Once you have decided on the type and model to purchase, they will  return to  venue again to provide the best solution in respect of efficient cooling. This aircond installation service provider can install all kinds of units, from ceiling to mobile air conditioner units, whether they are split units or centralized units.

Airconmalaysia is also the authorized Sharp air cond service provider and also are Samsung climate solution partners with full support from Samsung HQ. They also have experience installing airconditioning units from brands such as Daikin, York, Panasonic and more. This professional aircond service provider also offer aircon servicing, repair, chiller and freezer repair and servicing work.

Give them a call at –  017 332 0897 or send them an email at if you have any queries. They are the one-stop solution to all your airconditioning needs.

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