Happy Halloween From The Rockstar

With missy still having her IGCSE exam until mid November, I wasn’t sure if she would like to dress up for fun this Halloween. No, we don’t do any trick-o-treating but I have been DIY-ing her costume every year because it is fun to see what I can DIY. I have been doing it every year.

So I saw this really easy and cool Halloween costume a few days ago and asked if she would like to dress up and let me take a picture. Since we already have what we need at home, it is super easy and quick to DIY. She agreed and this is what she dressed up as.

Axl Rose from Guns n Roses!

All we need is a red bandana, aviator sunglasses, a pair of ripped jeans and plaid shirt to tie around the waist.  Easy peasy! Missy finds it cringy and asked me not to tag her when I posted on Facebook *chuckle*

Here are some of the past DIY Halloween costumes that I have made for missy.  Here are the posts on the previous Halloween costumes, 2019 & 2020 and  2021.

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