What To Eat For Breakfast When You Are On Low Carb

There aren’t many food choices for us who are on low-carb in Malaysia.  Roti canai is a favourite Malaysian breakfast but there isn’t any low carb roti here.  So what I do is have half-boiled eggs for breakfast with my kopi c kosong (coffee with evaporated milk).  I know dairy is a no-no but I do take milk sometimes.



Eggs are a good source of protein and can be filling. When you are tired of having omelette or fried eggs, you can have some half-boiled eggs for breakfast.

Another favorite low-carb breakfast for me is the 90 Seconds Bread which I make myself.   Click on the link for the recipe.


I like to have the bread with Salmon Cream Cheese and Sugar-free Peanut Butter. You may even fry some bacon and eat with the 90-second bread. Yums.

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