Best Solution To Laptop Overheating

Recently, hubby’s laptop had some problems as it shut down automatically when he was doing his work.  Frustrating eh?  So when he sent it back to the service center to be repaired, he was informed that his laptop was overheated, hence the auto shutdown.  Hubs has been putting his laptop on the table without a fan to cool the CPU.  Big mistake!

We were so happy when Primero sent us the beautiful Ergosilver, a laptop stand recently.  Primero is a Singapore based online furniture store and it has a huge range of trendy designer furniture at extremely affordable prices.


This is the ErgoSilver laptop stand from Primero.

One of the easiest ways to keep the laptop cool at the desk is through the use of a laptop stand which enables the air to circulate around it.

What we like about this is that it raises the notebook height to eye level so there is no need to hunch thus there won’t be any back strain.  The Ergosilver features an aluminum panel which acts as an effective heat panel to cool down the laptop ten times faster than plastic or wood.  It is also great to keep the desk organized.

Hubs and missy love to watch movies on the laptop so this nifty accessory is just perfect.

Primero works with factories that are able to handcraft and produce customized furniture so that customers can have the perfect furniture for their home without the need to dig deep into their pockets.

Looking through Primero’s website, they have a bunch of other cool, hipsy stuff including some pretty unique table lamps! Given that they are going to expand their delivery over here very soon, it’d definitely be something I might consider purchasing!


With their nice furniture designs and affordable price points, it’s no surprise that they are an up and coming furniture store, having been featured on

 So wait no more and check out Primero now.  They deliver to Malaysia and for orders from Singapore, delivery and installation are free on all orders above S$100.

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