Keto Crispy Pancake (Mee Chang Kuih or Tai Kow Meen)

Before I started the keto way of eating, I love everything that has carbs.  I am basically a carboholic. One of my favorites is Tai Kow Meen, which is also known as Mee Chang Kuih or apam balik.   It is a type of Chinese peanut pancake that is made in a big griddle and then cut into triangles.  I usually buy them from the morning market or pasar malam.

Since I haven’t had any for almost 2 years now, I decided to make the keto version of the Mee Chang Kuih.  I am in a Keto Group in FB (LCHF-Keto East West) and one of the ladies, Debora Prihatna has kindly shared the recipe on how to make our very own Keto Mee Chang Kuih which is also known as Keto Tai Kow Meen.  Below is the recipe :-

Wet ingredients:
50g cream cheese
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
15g melted butter
Dry ingredients:
3 tbsp almond flour
1 tsp baking powder

5g butter
Almond spread (just a little bit to make filling sticks)
Almond bits or macademia bits
Optional: dark chocolate, grated cheese (whatever you want) 😁

Mix all wet ingredients in one bowl.
Mix all dry ingredients in another bowl.
Put the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients.
Heat up non-stick pan (with lid) for a short while. Pour the batter and swirl the pan to create crispy skin at the sides. wait for bubbles to appear (use low heat). Cover with lid when bubbles appear until the top is cooked and skin turns golden brown and crispy.


This is how my Mee Chang Kuih looks like.   It’s like an omelette right?  I think I need to let it grill a little longer in the pan till the whole surface turns brown.  I added some peanut butter at the center when the pancake was cooking. It tastes good although not close to how a Tai Kow Meen would taste like.  I should get myself some shredded peanuts too.  I think I am going to make this more often now for breakfast.

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